Move forward.

I think many of us starts to wish or maybe look forward or plan for 2012.To me, I think there will be a big change in 2012. It was like a key to open the next lock you encounter  in your life. I can’t say that I had been through a lot this year or the year before to say that I know what is life because there were more people out there suffering. The true is I still don’t quite understand about the big word ‘Life“.Maybe I am still learning and searching so I could know or understand it ? haha.

I felt that 2011 is a special year for me because many things happened. And RIGHT now about 1 days more, I am curious about 2012. *Will world end?*

  • My wish for 2012 : Able to learn more things that interest me! All the best to people around me.Hope that they will be safe and sound!


Everything will be smooth right? No one knows. And it is true that no one knows what will happen tomorrow so live your life to the fullest not today but at the very moment. 

So Smile like THIS!:


And like this :

I am not a good writer sometime I get struck here and there to get my thoughts right. But I am sure that I am writing about how I think. 🙂

😉 Happy New YEAR to all ! 🙂 


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