Mayday五月天【OAOA(現在就是永遠)】MV官方完整版-[追夢3DNA]電影主題曲2011 :D

I really love this song! The lyrics of this song is meaningful 🙂 It helps me to think and have the courage to do what I want.

From 阿信    ‘s Blog:blog_4b66ade80102dtun.html 




詞曲:阿信                                   ( lyrics from the internet not me)
Music and Lyrics by Ashin

我相信 苦澀的眼淚
I believe in bitter tears
我不信 甜美的誓言
I don’t believe in sweet vows
我相信 音樂就該音樂
I believe that music should just be music

我相信 愛情的純粹
I believe in love’s simplicity
我不信 華麗的詩篇
I don’t believe in grandiose poetry
我相信 熱烈的爭辯
I believe in passionate arguments
我不信 無聲的和諧
I don’t believe in silent harmony
我相信 秒秒的瞬間
I believe in that instant
我不信 年年的永遠
I don’t believe in the forever that takes years
我相信 搖滾就能萬歲
I believe rock and roll is forever

快張開你的嘴 OAOA
Speak up now OAOA***
再不管你是誰 OAOA
Don’t worry about who you are OAOA
Live is too short
別想 別怕 別後退
Don’t think, don’t be afraid, don’t retreat
現在 就是 永遠
Right now is forever

出生的那一年 OAOA
From that year you were born OAOA
轉眼就這一天 OAOA
In a flash it’s now today OAOA
Life is much too short
去瘋 去愛 去浪費
Go crazy, go love, go squander it
和我 再唱 OA OAOA
Sing with me OA OAOA



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