Golden Gate Park Owls (via Bird Light Wind)

Love the great photos !!! NAture~ must read!!!

Golden Gate Park Owls The four young Great Horned Owls of Golden Gate Park's Stow Lake are on the verge of dispersing. They have been the darlings of bird watchers and photographers for the last few months. Now capable of catching their own rats (the squirrels seem too elusive for the moment), they are becoming competition for their parents and will eventually leave or be escorted from the area. I haven't been out to see them much this season but I did spend an evenin … Read More

via Bird Light Wind


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I love lots of stuff!I love things related to photography , Art (sketching and design),cooking, current affairs, Travel. I have a dream to help poor needy people in other countries.:) i enjoy being with my family and friends^^)I could like to visit Indonesia !and korea! And lastly, i will always willing to learn something new !
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