Tips for O level on Geography!

Thanks, Miss Kaur!

Here are some tips to prepare for Elective geography given by her: 😀

  • Do Past few year’s actual O level papers for practice … do you have them?( 10year series assessment also can!)
  • There will be 2 sections. First section you can choose between river and coasts OR natural vegetation. Second section you choose between food OR development.
  • There will be lots of data response kind of questions. 50% of the paper will require you to give memorised answers while the remaining will be asking you to look at charts, etc and analyse the data .(Important)
  •   MUST try the past year questions. Every year, the questions tend to be similar.
  • For Natural vegetation :You could draw out picture of trees and label it as well as with the explanation for the answer. Can use Green pen or marker (For trees or leaves and etc.) and brown  pen or marker( For Tree truck , bark , soil and etc.) or just pencils.
  • It is also important to know what the question asking for and how to answer it correctly.
  •  You must definitely prepare for map question – because cambridge says it will be incorporated into the questions
  • For example, they may give you a map and ask you in which direction the river flows (you must see contour lines, water flows from high to low).They give you a black and white map of coastline and ask you about coast topic like in which direction is the longshore drift and so on so so you must be prepared for map questions like these.
  • Also expect to have a lot of charts, diagrams, and such data response kind of questions.

For retaking o level:You can get the revision package from your school mates. (Optional)*All types of geography questions under different categories*.                                                              

Hope this help 🙂


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