Photo + Thoughts of the day-Time don’t wait.

Had been using it for about more than 10 years.Everyday look at it to keep track of time!









I remember last year my friend wrote a chinese passage about clock. I enjoy reading it beacause I find it very meaningful.

You always see the time going but it doesn’t turn back.

In the brink of an eye , today was the last day of  june. (30 june 2011) Tomorrow will be the first day of  the second half of the year 2011.

I remember clearly in her story , she wrote that we doesn’t notice how fast time slips through us everyday.I totally agreed with her. We often forgotten how important time is in our daily life . She reminded me to treasure my time and keep this in mind!


About fishballAhhao

I love lots of stuff!I love things related to photography , Art (sketching and design),cooking, current affairs, Travel. I have a dream to help poor needy people in other countries.:) i enjoy being with my family and friends^^)I could like to visit Indonesia !and korea! And lastly, i will always willing to learn something new !
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