Hello ghost!

Today,I decided to share this lovely and hilarious Korean movie.It is called Hello Ghost!. The storyline are interesting. Some parts in the movie just makes you laugh out loud from your heart!(I hope so.)

At the beginning of the movie, it is about a man trying to commit suicide at a hotel.However, he fails to do so. Something goes wrong when he  realised that he could see the dead. In order for him to commit suicide again , he has to fulfill the dead’s wishes. So that the dead will leave him alone.When he was helping them he learned somethings and do things that he didn’t did before.When I was watching some question surface in my mind; Will he commit suicide again ???Will he be able to be with the girl he admired??? The ending was touching.

There were also some moral stories behind the movie which reminds you to treasure your family, realise your mistake and do what you want before it is too late.(This is because you will never know what will happen not tommorow but the next minute of your life. )Treasure what you have now. 🙂 When you was walking too fast in life , don’t forget to look up the sky above you and notice people around you.

I think this is a great movie to enjoy for the afternoon.Worth your time to see this movie!

THis is the link from youtube:

Part 1/8 (Chinese subtitle)

Part 2/8 (English subtitle)

You could click the link above to see it on youtube for different language!

Part 2/8 (chinese subtitle)

Part 3/8 (chinese subtitle)

Part 4/8 (chinese subtitle)

Part 5/8 Chinese subtitle

Part 6/8 Chinese Subtitle

Part 7/8 Chinese subtitle

LAst part: Chinese subtitle

I hope you will like it!Thank You!


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