Recently,I came across a shocking news when I was reading the newspaper.It is at the last page of the newspaper.  This happened in some part of China. There was a small boy aged 7. He was a orphan. He lives with his grandparent in rural area.Both grandparent are poor because they couldn’t earn much as farmers by selling their harvest. The small boy wanted a set of new textbook  for school which cost $7 (Singapore dollar).Due to proverty, they could not afford to buy for him. In anger, the boy commit suicide by hanging himself on a tree around his house.

I felt sad after reading it. Maybe in this world there were many things that we could not understand as a outsider.



About fishballAhhao

I love lots of stuff!I love things related to photography , Art (sketching and design),cooking, current affairs, Travel. I have a dream to help poor needy people in other countries.:) i enjoy being with my family and friends^^)I could like to visit Indonesia !and korea! And lastly, i will always willing to learn something new !
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