For Biology:O level.

I remember my biology teacher told us to score well in paper 1 which has 20 questions of MCQ. Because it really helps to bring up the score. She also taught us about how to understand what the question asking  in paper 2. She always remind us to write in short answers so we will gain marks.Do remember to refer back to biology textbook if you do’t understand anything .Memorise and understand the important points in the textbook. Also, find out the kind of question that might come out in o level for each categories.Sometime they do repeat some question in another form.It is important to know the correct way to write answer.Do constantly remind yourself on some points that you don’t understand or remember well.Examples:Plant take in carbon dioxide in the morning for photosynthesis and Give out oxygen to the environment. However , at night plant take in oxygen for respiration and give out carbon dioxide.My teacher also believe that the more you do (practice on different question or 10 yrs series) , you will understand better.

 For practical, you had to READ THE INSTRUCTIONs!  Do it step by step. Don’t rush.There will be some challenging question in the pratical which requries you to think more in order to obtain the marks. There might be drawing to do too. Do draw it 3/4 size in the space given. Draw using pencil. No hairy line , draw clearly! Label if needed . ( Use lines instead of airrow heads ).

Mrs Graetz is so passionate about biology too.She also creates a blog for all her student to learn.

This is the link:

I hope that this is useful to you.

I do enjoy listening to her in class too.Thank you Mrs Graetz!


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2 Responses to For Biology:O level.

  1. Lynn says:

    Haha~ I am always the one whom she will point out “clarissa,your sentence too long. Must write short sentences!” yeah,she’s a good teacher too.

    Ganbare! Wk hard tgt. 🙂

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