TRAvel is a learning journey.

To me going oversea is so much fun!It will be a great time to go and explore everywhere.Big eyes is needed. It will be a learning journey to travel and at the same time learn new things.

Things I will need when i am going overseas!:

  • Camera! ( memories!  Express your feelings through the photography! catch the right moments!)
  • peaceful mind~open your heart to experience new things !
  • Know what to do !how to solve when facing problems!
  • A small travel printer.
  • Laptop with internet  ( update anything you love!to share with who you want !)
  • small gifts(share with other )
  • Snack that i will miss!
  • handphone!(contact love ones)
  • Travel guide book = research about the place=learn language= local language!
  • Those around me friends and family~
  • RElax….Let it go (those bad feelings)
  • And many more travel stuff(basic)!(clothes etc…)
  • ^^)smiling faces!!!!

Just sharing this:) TRAVEL~~~




About fishballAhhao

I love lots of stuff!I love things related to photography , Art (sketching and design),cooking, current affairs, Travel. I have a dream to help poor needy people in other countries.:) i enjoy being with my family and friends^^)I could like to visit Indonesia !and korea! And lastly, i will always willing to learn something new !
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