Maybe sometime in our life , we did not appreciate things or people around us. I think that I might be one of them. If today you wasted a plate of rice or just any food , you might not know that it is very important to some of them in any part of the world.

My secondary teacher has told our class about her experience in asia countries, She told us that she saw some children stay around the road side selling things for a living.My teacher approach them and give them some stationary such as pencils or a notebook.I believe those children must be shocked by my teacher action. No doubt to that. BUT , something caught my teacher attention!She saw those children selling the stationary that she has given them a while ago. Now you can see the reality of poverty. Althought , the children were happy about the gifts from a stranger. HOwever , they still sell it to earn some money for the family. It is very heartbreaking for us to see.

Maybe one day ,I might be able to travel around some countries to help those people. MY DREAM!HELPING OTHERS!haha

***Today If you get to help someone , tell the person to help another three people***:)





About fishballAhhao

I love lots of stuff!I love things related to photography , Art (sketching and design),cooking, current affairs, Travel. I have a dream to help poor needy people in other countries.:) i enjoy being with my family and friends^^)I could like to visit Indonesia !and korea! And lastly, i will always willing to learn something new !
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